John Lake
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Prior to joining the Radio Section, John Lake worked in the Communications Office at CINCPAC as an assistant to Commander William J. Lederer, the author of The Ugly American.

After receiving his marriage proposal via telegram, Alice joined John in Honolulu. They were married on the base at Makalapa Chapel in 1952.

John played first base for the base softball team and also played basketball for the Navy team. Local sports coverage of the military league noted, "Lake plays a sparkling floor game."

The caption on the back of this photo, written by one of the irreverent members of the radio crew, says, "With only seven men to produce 'Across the Blue Pacific,' the pace is terrific. These men are tackling the acting end of a script, working themselves into a combat mood. By 4:30 every afternoon, the whole crew is on their feet and ready to go."

John and Alice about to leave Hawaii in 1955. John took pleasure in the fact that he earned the rank of Petty Officer, First Class in only four years, then promptly opted for discharge rather than re-enlistment.

The Big Ten Skywriters in 1963. Sportswriters that covered the Big Ten gathered for a photo at Michigan State; John Lake of the New York Herald Tribune is standing back left. Bill Jauss of the Chicago Daily News is seated in the front row, second from left.

John Lake and son Eric in the dining room at the house in Teaneck, N.J.

John reading to Eric at home in Teaneck.

John interviews Willie Mays in the Fall of 1965. Mays won the Most Valuable Player award for the National League that year. The planned Newsweek cover story on Mays was pulled at the last minute in favor of a cover featuring Cy Young winner Sandy Koufax, who led the Dodgers past the Twins in the World Series.

John covered spring training every year, which allowed for family visits with his sister in Florida. John and his daughter Kathy, nephew Eric and son Eric enjoy the pool together.

Wife Alice in the late '60s.

The last photograph of John Lake, taken in his Newsweek office in September, 1967. Looking like a classic sportswriter, he typed and edited with a cigar and grease pencil in the same hand.

John Lake with his trademark black-rimmed glasses in the early '60s.